In feature film productions, the communication between director and (film) composer is often impeded by their different terminologies as well as time constraints, which is why frequently temp tracks are used to delineate the director’s ideas of what the final score should sound like. Consequently, score music is often musically too tightly linked to the temp track, or in some rare, yet popular cases, these substitutes survive the post-production phase and even end up in the final product.

We are therefore developing a generative music prototyping tool capable of supporting media producers by exposing a set of high-level parameters which are tailored to the vocabulary of films – such as semantics, represented emotions, musical and film style/genre etc. The tool is meant to provide musically meaningful raw material, which is able to replace the widely used temp tracks and thus simplify communication and workflow between producer and composer. Moreover, the tool will process exemplary audio and MIDI material and produce sophisticated variations for common used host applications (Ableton Live, NI Core, Steinberg Cubase) and plugins (NI Kontakt).

A first sounding example shows experimental music made from harmonic rulesets and probability density functions, but no rhythmic or melodic elaboration (February 2011):


Further development steps included the consideration of melodic constraints as well as an improvement of the overall harmonic context (April 2011):

GeMMA_Example 2

GeMMA Film Score Production Workflow

GeMMA Film Score Production Workflow